Ca 1903/1904

NOTE: (1) Photos and titles from original book.

             (2) Descriptions added by the Corners Project, 2003

             (3) Glens Falls addresses are corrected to the change of 1946 – 47

The Arch

Was located at the south of the bridge between Glens Falls and South Glens Falls. The arch crumbled and fell into the river during high water on March 29, 1913.

It was used as the symbol of the Glens Falls Insurance Company.  A terra cotta replica is on display at the Chapman Historical Museum.



The Falls

On the Hudson River between Glens Falls and South Glens Falls.  The falls are now only visible during spring high-water season.

Old Saw Mill – erected 1870

Probably part of the Finch Pruyn complex located on the west side of Glen St. between the canal and the river. Now a parking lot.

Bloody Pond – near Lake George

On Route 9 about four miles south of Lake George Village.

Ephraim William’s Grave – Lake George

About half way between Glens Falls and Lake George on Route 9.  The area surrounding the monument is presently over-grown with trees and brush.

Ephraim William’s Monument – Lake George

As above.

Jane McCrea Monument – Fort Edward

Jane McCrea Spring – Fort Edward

International Paper Company – view I

In South Glens Falls at the south end of the Glens Falls - South Glens Falls bridge

Presently known as Encore Paper, dealing with recycled paper products

International Paper Company – view II

As above

Office – International Paper Company

As above

Cement Works – Front view

On the right side of Lower Warren Street just beyond the city limits

Spier Falls Dam

On the Hudson River south of the village of South Glens Falls

Spier Falls Power House

As above

Glen Street

A view north on Glen St. from the intersection of Warren, Glen and Ridge Sts.

YMCA Building

221 Glen St. at the southeast corner of Lapham Place.  Presently houses Godnick's Furniture, The World Awareness Children's Museum, as well as several business offices. 

Eugene Peyser Collar Factory

131 – 137 Warren St.  

Presently Native Textiles

Weil – Haskell Factory 

Made shirts, collars and cuffs

4 Haskell Ave. near Warren St.

Sherman Block

81 – 87 Glen St., East side between Warren & Berry Sts.  

It was near the present site of the Burger King Restaurant.

Glens Falls Insurance Building

Corner Glen St. & Bay St.

It was moved across the street  and later used as a Masonic Temple.  It was partially demolished to provide space for the Parish Hall of the Church of the Messiah.

Hotel Ruliff

Northwest corner Glen & South Sts.

It presently houses several businesses, including a loan business and a bridal shop.

Rockwell House

On Glen St. in the space where Hudson Ave. presently intersects

Also existing on the site was the Hotel Towers and a W. T. Grant Store.

The B. B. Fowler Dry Goods Co.

Glen St. at the northwest corner of Exchange St.

Presently the home to a dinner theater and offices on the upper floors.

Empire Theatre

On the north side of South St. between Glen and Elm Sts.

The building presently holds a meeting room for a local bank, a reading room for the Christian Science Monitor, and the Warren and Washington Association for Mental Health.

Fort William Henry Walk

Part of the Fort William Henry Hotel complex at the south end of Lake George

Fort William Henry Hotel

As above

Lake George

Just East of Route 9, nine miles north of Glens Falls

Fort George

Remains of the fort are located in a park on the south side of Beach Road, at the east end of the Lake George Village

Residence of Byron Lapham

Ridge St. next to City Hall where City Park is now.

The Boston Store Company

Presently  exists as 205 - 211 Glen St. between Ridge St. & Lapham Place.

Presbyterian Church

On Warren St. where Civic Center Plaza is

It was incorporated as part of the State Theater which later was demolished during Urban Renewal in the 1960's.

Episcopal Church

The Church of the Messiah

299 – 303 Glen St. next to parking lot for Continental Insurance Building

Baptist Church

32 – 34 Maple Street across from Church St.

Friends’ Church

174 Ridge St. near Grand St.

The building is presently converted into offices.

Irish Catholic Church and Parochial Residence

Warren St. at southeast corner of Church St.

Presently St. Mary's Church, but the residence has been demolished.

French Catholic Church

St. Alphonsus Church

Corner of Broad and Pine Sts.

This building burned in 1955 and a new church was built on the site soon after.

Methodist Church

Warren St. where St. Alphonsus – St. Mary’s school is presently located.

Home For Aged Women

Glens Falls Home

184 Warren St. at the northeast corner of Prospect St.

The facility was closed in 2002 with residents being transferred to a new facility in Queensbury.

Parks Hospital

48 Park St. near east end of Glens Falls Hospital

This building was demolished to make room for the expansion of the present facility. 

City Hospital

Northeast corner of Warren & Church Sts.

Presently the rectory of St. Mary's Church.  This building survived the fire of 1864.  Scorched beams in the attic still exist from this fire.

The Armory

147 Warren St.

Home of the New York National Guard. Det. 1 Co. C 427; Spt. Bn. 1 Co. C; 2nd Bn., 108 IN; 1 Bn. 6 Regiment, NYC.10 BDE

Glens Falls Academy

56 – 58 Warren St., presently the back section of Warren Tire Co.

South Street School

At the intersection of Broad and South Sts. Where Rite-Aid Drug Store is presently located.

Ridge Street School

Northwest corner of May & Ridge Sts.

This building was demolished after the opening of Jackson Heights School and presently is the home of the Glens Falls Fire Department, Ridge Street Station.

Old Grist Mill – built in 1853

Village Hall

42 Ridge St., the present City Hall

Soldiers’ Monument

Intersection of Bay & Glen Sts.

Refurbished in 1999 by the Civil War Roundtable.

Crandall Monument

Crandall Park on Glen St. near the north city line.

Presently surrounded by beautiful forest-sized trees.

Lake – Crandall Park

Same as above

Golf House and Grounds, Crandall Park

Same as above

The Golf House no longer exists.

Residence of Dr. S. T. Birdsall

186 - 192 Ridge St. at southwest corner of William St.

Converted to apartments and many large trees presently surround the building.

Residence of William McEchron

Ridge St. at the southeast corner of Maple St.

Houses the Glens Falls Health Center as directed by the McEchron estate.

Residence of A. B. Colvin

453 – 455 Glen St. at the southeast corner of Chester St. (See Then & Now photos)

Residence of Egbert W. West

Glen St. at the southwest corner of Grove Ave.

Presently holds offices and apartments.

Residence of Dr. T. H. Foulds

East side of Ridge St., about half way between Maple and Lawrence Sts.

Demolished during Urban Renewal in the 1960's.

Residence of Mrs. Thomas Burnham

195 Ridge St. at the northeast corner of Lawton Ave.

Presently apartments exist in the building.

Residence of R. S. O’Loughlin

Southwest corner of Hunter and Ridge Sts.

Still a private residence.

Residence of Mrs. W. E. Spier

On Glen St. just north of the Episcopal Church

Demolished to make room for parking for the 10 story office building next door.  The original fencing is still in existance.

Residence of D. J. Finch

Northwest corner of Pine and Elm Sts., now "Irongate Center", a multi-building, medical office complex

Residence of Fred H. Parks

On Glen St. about where the Continental Insurance Co. building is now

Cooper’s Cave in "The Last Of The Mohicans"

A rock formation found under the Glens Falls – South Glens Falls bridge

Visible from private property on the Glens Falls and South Glens Falls side of the Hudson River.