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    "The City Charter Committee" or "Committee of Ten" as it is familiarly known, consisting of five Republicans and five Democrats, was chosen at a public meeting held in Judge J. E. Singleton's office in December, 1906.  The meeting was presided over by D. O'Leary, with H. Prior King as secretary.  A committee to select another committee of ten, presented the names of the gentlemen whose biographies briefly follow.  The committee held frequent meetings during 1907, finally drawing up a charter which was presented to the Legislature in January of this year (1908), and after various changes, and considerable hard work on the part of the committee, was enacted into a law on March 13.  Believing their services to the community unrecompensed, laborious and arduous as they were, entitle them to a permanent place in the regard of our citizens, we here gladly include them pictorially and editorially in this souvenir edition.


Lawyer.  Born Town of Moreau, Saratoga County, January 6, 1868.  Son Rev. William Penn and Francena (Mott) Angell (now of Muncie, Ind.). Graduated Glens Falls Academy 1886; Haverford College, A. B., 1890.  Studied law with S. & L. M. Brown and graduated law department University of Minnesota, LL. B. 1893.  After practicing his profession in the west for a short time, returned to Glens Falls, becoming partner of H. Prior King.  Republican.  Clerk of the Board of Education from 1898 to 1902 and Corporation Counsel, Village of Glens Falls, 1902-1903.  President of the Glens Falls Club from 1901 to 1907.  Belongs to the "Society of Friends." Trustee of the Glens Falls Academy.  Is conceded to be one of the most capable, plausible and eloquent advocates in the Bar Association of this part of the State.  Wields a facile pen, is of a literary turn of mind and noted as a polished speaker and writer.  He has in the past served on various Committees and in associations formed for the uplift and improvement of local governmental conditions, so his appointment to the charter committee added not only a trained legal mind, but a member whose work was along the lines of conservative progress.  Address, G. F. Ins. Bldg., City.
Bayle, George Frederick

Member Board of Public Safety.  Born Bald Mountain, Washington County, N. Y., Aug. 26, 1860.  Son Luke and Adeline (Lee) Bayle, who came to Glens Falls about 1872.  Educated North Adams and Glens Falls public schools.  Married at Glens Falls, N. Y., Oct. 4, 1882, Louise Jeanne Bienvenu, daughter Alexandre and Jeanne Bienvenu, who died Jan. 20, 1904.  They had four children, Alice Louise, George Frederick, Jr., Robert W. and Francis L.  Married for his second wife, June 26, 1906, Glens Falls, N. Y., Myra LaHaise, daughter Gustave and Catherine (Lupien) LaHaise. Began his business career with Robbins & DeLong in 1872; left their employ for that of B. B. Fowler in 1874, from which establishment he went in 1880 to the New York firm of Lee, Tweedy & Co., where he remained until 1884, when he returned to Glens Falls and founded the very successful dry goods house of G. F. Bayle & Co. (W. T. Marsh being his associate).  In 1893 he was called to Worcester, Mass., and made Vice President and General Manager of the Denholm-McKay Co., the largest mercantile concern of its kind in New England.  Before leaving Glens Falls, however, he supervised the incorporation of the present Boston Store Company, in which he still retains a large interest.  He remained in Worcester until 1897, when he was called to New York as General Manager of the well-known firm of Simpson, Crawford & Simpson.  After making an enviable record in this position, he retired in 1902 from active business, returning to Glens Falls.  In 1905 he became President of the Glens Falls Portland Cement Company.  Is a director in the Merchants' National Bank of Glens Falls, Vice President of the Adamson & Bayle Company, director of the Weil, Haskell Company, and the Uncas Realty Company; also of the Association of Licensed Cement Manufacturers.  Republican.  Was trustee of Glens Falls from 1891 to 1893.  Is a member of St. Alphonsus' (R. C.) Church, of which he was trustee in 1905-06.  Has been a director of the Glens Falls (Parks) Hospital, and was elected member of the local Board of Education in 1907 for three years.  Elected as Republican Presidential Elector 1908.  He brought to the Charter Committee a wide experience with men and affairs, and materially assisted that body by his valuable suggestions.  Address, No. 234 Glen Street, City.
Bell, Frank L.

Lawyer, President Civil Service Commission.  Secretary City Chart Committee.  Born Crown Point, Essex County, N. Y., Oct. 8, 1867.  Son Philo H. and Elizabeth Bell.  Educated Sherman Academy, Moriah, N. Y., 1886; Middlebury College, Middlebury, Vt.  Practiced law with much success in Potsdam, N. Y., for several years.   Married Stella, daughter Edgar Thurman and Elizabeth (Hall) Phelps at Norwood, N. Y., Feb. 14, 1894.  Removed to Glens Falls, establishing law firm Bell, Wait & Morehouse, now Bell & Morehouse.  Republican.  Counsel to Forest, Fish & Game Commission 1897 - '98.  Presbyterian. Member Masonic fraternity.  Has a most important and growing law practice, and generally recognized as an authority on water powers, and rights, and legal matters connected with the Adirondacks and northern woods.  Address, 68 Ridge Street, City.

Mayor of the City of Glens Falls.  Insurance and real estate.   Born Glens Falls, N. Y., Aug. 19, 1858.   Son Joseph B. and Mary (Griffing) Cool.  The latter, daughter of Col. Stephen Griffing of  Warrensburg, N. Y., one of the constructive pioneers of the county.  Educated Glens Falls Academy and Greylock Institute, Williamstown, Mass.  M. May Mott, d. Zebulon W. and Harriett G. Mott at Glens Falls, N. Y., in 1880.  They have two sons, Gilbert, who associated with his father, and Harold.  C. W. Cool in 1880 started in the insurance business with S. W. Russell.  The latter was succeeded by the late Fred K. Locke.  Since 1887 Mr. Cool has conducted the business alone.  Republican.  Served as Village President in 1895.  After one of the most  warmly contested elections ever held in Glens Falls, Mr. Cool was elected its first Mayor by a majority of 223, over one of the city's most popular and enterprising Democrats, Patrick Moynehan.  Under the new city charter, which went into actual effect Monday, April 6, nearly the entire power and responsibility is vested in the Mayor.  He is a director in the First National Bank of Glens Falls; a director of the Empire Real Estate & Theatre Company of Glens Falls;  also of the Commercial Union Telephone Company of Troy, and the Glens Falls Land & Improvement Company.  Is a member of the Episcopal Church.  Is a member of the Masonic bodies of Glens Falls, Saratoga and Troy, also of the local Lodge of Elks.  As a member of the Macdonald Hook & Ladder Company, afterwards the D. J. Finch Hook & Ladder Company, he served as a firemen  for over sixteen years. Address, 50 Warren Street, City, or City Hall.

Member Board of Public Safety.  Banker, real estate, etc.  Born Glens Falls, N. Y., Sept. 17, 1861. Son Hon. Austin Wells and Elizabeth (Buell) Holden (the former being widely known in Northern York as a successful physician and surgeon, an antiquarian and member of various historical societies in New York and New England; also author of History of Queensbury, N. Y., published Munsell, 1874, the latter d. Hon. Horatio and Elizabeth (MacGregor) Buell, sister of James Buell deceased, formerly President Imp. & Traders' Bank , N. Y., and niece of Sarah Josepha (Buell) Hale, the noted authoress and editor Godey''s Lady Book from early fifties to late seventies).  Graduated Glens Falls Academy 1881, Williams College, A. B., 1885, with class honors.  Married Glens Falls, N. Y., Mary Belle, daughter Charles F. and Isabell (Verder) Everest.  One son, Everest Buell, born  May 22, 1890.  Newspaper editor and publisher till 1891, since then engaged in various enterprises.  At present time secretary and treasurer Glens Falls Trust Company and Manager Empire Theatre. Democrat.  Village Trustee 1893 and '94.  Member local board of Education since 1889, and President of same since 1903.  Secretary and Treasurer Empire Real Estate & Theatre Company,  Director Glens Falls Publishing Company.  Episcopalian (warden Church of Messiah,Glen s Falls, N. Y.).  Trustee and treasurer  New York State Historical Association.  Cor. member N.Y. Gen. and Biog. Socy. N.Y. City.  Member National Geog. Socy., Washington, D. C.  Member Masonic Historical Society, N. Y. City. Belongs to Glens Falls Club, Glens Falls, N. Y.; Masonic Order, York and Scottish rites, D. D. G. M. 21st Masonic district 1906 - '07, '07 - '08; treasurer Masonic Hall Association, Glens Falls;  B. P. O. E.;  S. of V.;  N. Y. Chapter, Sons of Revolution; life member N. Y. State Firemen's Association; ex-president Tri-County Firemen's Association, Warren, Washington and Saratoga; treasurer Glens Falls Home for Aged Women, trustee Glens Falls Academy, secretary Crandall Free Library, treasurer Commercial Association, Glens Falls.  Devoted much time to local history and Americana of Northern N. Y.  Contributor to transactions N. Y. State Historical Association, his monograph on "The Halfway Brook in History, published 1907, is specially valuable; also contributor to National Magazine, Ency. Americana, etc., on local topics.  Address, 27 Elm Street, City.  (Few men posses the commendable traits and good fellowship of James A. Holden.  His loyalty to duty and friends is firm as the Rock of Gibraltar.  He fills an important place in the community no other man measures up to.  This relates to charitable, literary and advisory branches.  It is worth much to know that such men, exceptional characters, really exist;  it is invaluable to possess the friendship of a rare individual of this stamp. - Publisher.)

Water Commissioner.  Marble and granite dealer, manufacturer monuments.  Born in Tyrone County, Ireland, Feb. 13, 1859.  Son John and Jane (Collin) McHugh.  Educated in public schools, West Rutland, Vt. Married to Elizabeth E. McIntyre, daughter John L. and Mary (McNulty) McIntyre, Feb. 3, 1891, at Glens Falls.  Has four children, Paul, Victor, Esther and Grace.  His parents came to New York City in 1862, removing from there to West Rutland, Vt., in 1864.  In 1884, Mr. McHugh came to Glens Falls and established the well known firm of McHugh Brothers on Maple Street.  Democrat.  Was appointed a member of the Village Sewer Commission in 1900.  serving till the commission was abolished by the city charter in 1908.  Is a prominent member of the A. 0. H. and belongs to St Mary's (R. C.) Church.  Mr. McHugh is recognized as one of the strong and substantial citizens of the first ward, and his work on the Charter Committee was in every way useful and constructive.  Address, 78 Maple Street, City.

Real estate and insurance.  Chairman City Charter Committee.  Born Glens Falls, N. Y., 1845.  Son Daniel and Mary (Mellen) O'Leary, who came to Glens Falls about 1834.  Educated in public and private schools of Glens Falls.  Married Mary Leary, daughter of Charles and Ann (Farrell) Leary, at Glens Falls, N. Y., Jany. 10, 1872.  They had ten children, Susan, Mary, George, Anna Elizabeth, Grace, Rose, Ruth, Francis, Charles, Margaret, of whom five are living.  Engaged in manufacture of cigars for about twenty-five years before taking up present business.  Director Glens Falls Savings & Loan Association since 1889, and member Executive Committee same; helped to found the present local union school system and was a member Board of Education for seventeen years from 1881 to 1898; trustee Crandall Free Library since beginning in 1893; is past grand knight of Knights of Columbus.  Belongs to Roman Catholic Church.  Is a Democrat in politics, and for years has been prominent in the councils of his party.  Served as Village Collector in 1876;  Excise Commissioner 1885 to 1894; Postmaster, under Cleveland administration, 1894 to 1898; Village President 19031904.  While in office established present paid fire department.  Labored hard and earnestly to secure for Glens Falls a proper, economical and practical charter.  Mr. O'Leary has always been foremost in furthering the interests of his home town. Address, 21 Grove Avenue, City.

Member Board of Public Safety.  Banker.  Born Maysville, Ky., 1848.  Son William Hunt and Ann Eliza (Sudder) Robbins.  Graduated High School, Terra Haute, Ind., 1864.  Married Blanche Cool, daughter Hiram M. and Cynthia Ann (Eldred) Cool, 1875, at Glens Falls, N. Y.  Mr. Robbins came to Glens Falls in 1869.  Was with Fowler Brothers for three years, then organized the highly successful dry goods firm of Robbins & DeLong (with D. P. DeLong) which continued from 1872 to 1888, when Mr. DeLong retired and the business was conducted by Mr. Robbins alone until 1896, when he, too, retired to look after other and growing interests.  Was one of the founders of the Merchants' National Bank in 1893, and has been its President ever since.  Is prominent in the directorate of the Glens Falls Portland Cement Company, and has been President of the Glens Falls (Parks) Hospital Corporation since its inception about eight years ago. Republican.  Accepted a position on the City Charter Committee, where his advice and counsel were invaluable.  Is a member of the Episcopal Church, and has at various times been a warden or vestryman of the Corporation of the Church of the Messiah, serving for a number of years as its treasurer.  Mr. Robbins was one of the promoters of and a director in the old Glens Falls, Sandy Hill & Fort Edward Street Railroad, during the horsedrawn period, and was also interested in 1884 in the old Glens Falls Electric Light and Power Company, long since taken over by the Glens Falls Gas & Electric Light, Company.  In many other ways he has assisted in forwarding the interests of Glens Falls.  Address, 40 Maple Street, City.

Clothier.  Born at Fairfax, Franklin County, Vt., Feb. 6, 1864.  Son Charles and Mary (Bailey) Rugg.  Educated Fairfax public schools, and Swanton Academy, Swanton, Vt.  Married Mary Moren, daughter Daniel and Katherine (Jewett) Moren, St. Albans, Vt., June 25, 1890.  Was with G., P. Twiggs Clothing Company, St. Albans, Vt., for seventeen years, removing to Glens Falls in March, 1900, where he established the firm of Rugg & Moren in the new Keeffe Block, Glen Street.  Democrat.  Served as trustee of Village of Glens Falls 1904-1905, and as Superintendent of Water Works for 1906 and 1907, holding over under the city administration until the appointment of Superintendent West.  Belongs to the Masonic fraternity.  Is an Episcopalian, having been a vestryman of the Church of the Messiah for several years.  Address, 23 May Street, City.

Lawyer, City Judge.  Born Glens Falls, N. Y., Nov. 1, 1876.  Son James and Elizabeth Singleton, who became residents of Glens Falls in 1855. Graduated St. Mary's Academy, Glens Falls, 1895; Buffalo Law School, 1898.  Received degree LL. B., University of Buffalo, 1898.  While in law school won several honors by his high standing and excellent scholarship. Married Katherine, daughter John and Ellen Haverty, at Glens Falls, N. Y., Nov. 29, 1900.  They have one child, Harry.  Democrat, and one of the local leaders of his party.  In April, 1898, on the establishment of a police justice in the Village of Glens Falls, was chosen to that position which he has held to the satisfaction of everyone to the present time.  Under the city charter he was continued in office as city judge, his term expiring January 1, 1909.  He has made a thoroughly competent, honest, upright and fearless judge.  Is a member of St. Mary's (Roman Catholic) Church.  As one of the committee of ten was of the utmost aid to the committee.  Belongs to Glens Falls Club and various local societies.  Address, 121 Ridge Street, City.

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