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Source: Glens Falls - The Empire City, published 1808.

Living Sons Biographies

           The assertion has been made, and it is believed is susceptible of proof, that no person is able to mention fifty per cent of the former residents of this city, of all ages, who have "made good" in their chosen walks of life and professions.
            It has taken a year of constant research and study to assemble the galaxy of notables presented in this book and it is believed by the compiler to be the strong feature of the publication.
         We want to ask the readers where there is a community of similar population that can speak, without boasting, of a list in any sense equaling the one we produce, starting with the present Governor of the State, including a candidate for Lieutenant-Governor, former United States Senator, elective State official, National, State and other officials, together with bright and shining stars of almost every profession. Glens Falls is proud of her "living sons", the worthy successors of deceased citizens of strong character, sturdy manhood and enviable reputations.

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Born August 17, 1876, Glens Falls, N.Y.  Publisher.  Son of Alson B. and Sarah (Morgan Reynolds) Abbott. Graduate Glens Falls Academy and 1891 Dartmouth College, A.B.  Began newspaper work on New York Evening Journal after leaving college.  In fall of 1906, purchased a printing plant and began business under the firm name of Holden & Abbott at 101 Water St., New York City.  Consolidated with the Winchell Studio and Chasmar Press after a year and a half's successful business.  Now treasurer of the last named corporation.  Married June 3, 1905, to Maud Earl Conklin of Brooklyn; has two young sons.  Home address: Plainfield, N. J.  Office: Scribner Bldg., New York City.
Born June 4, 1849, Glens Falls, N.Y. of German - French parents.  Minister and skillful sonneteer and writer of elevating verse.  Educated in local schools, studied literature and science for several years and began contributing articles in prose and verse to New York papers at the age of eighteen.  His poems have been considered worthy of place in standard works.  He entered the United States Navy at the age of twenty-two, and for three years was attached to the "Worcester" on the West Indian Station, where he studied life in the tropics, and contributed to journals North and South.    He left the navy in the summer of 1875, and spent several subsequent years on a family estate on Glen Lake, Warren County.  Married 1875 to Mrs. Eva Hendryx.  Ordained in 1890 as a minister in the Presbyterian Church.  He is now pastor of the Presbyterian Church at Forestport, N.Y.  Mr. Auringer has published many volumes of poetry.  Address: Forestport, N.Y.
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Born February 19, 1846, Glens Falls, N.Y.  Son of Eugene and Ellen (Leary) Bannin.  Merchant, banker; educated Glens Falls Academy; graduated Eastman's Business College, Poughkeepsie, 1868.  Private secretary to Abraham Wing up to 1872; read law in office of Brown & Sheldon to July, 1875; credit man for importing and jobbing house of Moore, Tingue & Co., from 1875 - 1886; then took charge credit department Converse, Stanton & Co., New York City, becoming partner in firm 1895.  Instrumental in forming and first president of New York Credit Men's Association; first vice president National Credit Men's Association; member firm of Lindon & Bannin; chairman of Committee on Water Supply, New York City; member Merchants' Association of the City of New York.  Married June 5, 1878, Ellie M. Mulry; has ten children.   June 10, 1907, appointed by President Roosevelt member Board of United States Indian Commissioners.  Second vice president Emigrants' Industrial Savings Bank, New York; director Citizens' Trust Company, Brooklyn; director Columbian National Life Insurance Co., Boston; director Roman Catholic Orphan AsyIum, Brooklyn; director Protectory at Van Nest, N.Y. Address: 83 - 85 Worth St., New York City.
Born January 27, 1826, Queensbury, N.Y.  Son of Cornelius and Mary (Brayton) Bentley.  Lawyer, prominent politician and mine owner.  Educated Glens Falls Academy under Mr. Fobes.  Taught district schools for four years, beginning at the age of sixteen; began study of law with judges Ferris and Rosekrans at age of seventeen; later student of Hon. U. G. Paris, Sandy Hill; admitted to bar when twenty-one.  Before he was a voter campaigned for Fremont through Washington and Warren Counties in 1856.    Practiced law for two years in this place, then located in Wisconsin.  Married Isabella Peat of Glens Falls, 1861.   State Senator from Sheyboygan County, Wis., 1864.  Commissioner of Pensions under Presidents Grant, Hayes and Garfield, serving from March, 1876, until June, 1881, when he resigned to locate in Denver.  District Judge of Colorado from 1891 - 6.  Address: Denver, Co.
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Born July 27, 1862, Thurman, N.Y.  Son of William J. and Jane Elizabeth Cameron.  Lawyer.  Educated in the Warrensburgh and Glens Falls Academies.  Studied law in the offices of Judge A. D. Wait, Fort Edward, and U. G. and C. R. Paris, Sandy Hill; admitted to bar 1884; commenced the practice of law in Glens Falls in 1885.  Married Elizabeth A. Pasco of Thurman, N.Y., who died in 1893.  Elected Supervisor of the Town of Queensbury, 1890; elected Member of N.Y. State Assembly, 1890.    Has several times been Village Clerk and four times Corporation Counsel.    Married Jessie M. Austin, 1896.  Mr. Cameron is at present, a member of the Democratic State Committee from the 33rd District.  Address: Glens Falls, N.Y.
Born Chester, N.Y.  Son of G. W. and Johanna (Cronin) Chandler. Priest. educated public schools, Saratoga Springs and Glens Falls;  graduated Manhattan College, New York, 1898, and St. Bernard's Ecclesiastical Seminary, Rochester, N.Y.  Ordained to priesthood June 24, 1903, by Rt. Rev. T. M. A. Burke, D. D., Bp. Alb.  Address: Asst. Pastor St. Mary's Church, Albany, N.Y.
Born January 4, 1830, Greene County, N.Y.  Lawyer.  Came to Warren County in 1854.  Supervisor of the Town of Luzerne for several years; was appointed provost marshal at the close of the War of the Rebellion; served as School Commissioner for about two years; appointed Collector of Internal Revenue 1872; elected District Attorney 1871 without opposition; elected County Judge in 1882 by a large majority, holding the office continually until 1900 when he was obliged to retire on account of constitutional disability.  Since that time, he has practiced law, enjoying a reputation for integrity and ability before the bar, on the bench and as a citizen, which has equipped him to fill a wide field of usefulness.  Address: Glens Falls, N.Y.

Born 1842, Northampton, N.Y.  Son of Hiram Hamline and Cynthia (Gunn) Coleman.  Minister.  Educated public schools, select schools, Jonesville Academy, Montpelier Seminary, Fort Edward Institute; pastor of or supplied Mayfield charge 1871; visited California (via Isthmus Panama) for health in 1872; joined Troy Conference 1873; pastor of many leading churches of Troy Conference, including First Church, Glens Falls.  Presiding Elder, Albany District, six years; secretary of Troy Conference, five years; President of Willamette University (Salem, Oregon), six years; elected by Troy Conference as delegate to the General Conference, six times; charter member Epworth League, General Board of Control, ten years; degree of Doctor of Divinity conferred by Syracuse University.  Lecture,  “Divine Providence in American History," delivered by Dr. Coleman in several States and almost every church in Troy Conference.  Recently invited to the presidency of the University of the Pacific, San Jose, California.  At last session of Troy Conference, appointed Representative Troy Conference Academy or Financial Secretary.  Address: 582 Madison Ave., Albany, N.Y.

Born February 18, 1856, Millport, Ohio. Minister.  Graduated Washington and Jefferson College, 1882, Union Theological Seminary, 1885; studied in Edinburgh and Berlin.  Pastor, Presbyterian Church, Portland, Me. 1885 - 1891; First Presbyterian Church, Glens Falls, 1891 -98; Kenwood Evangelical Church, Chicago, 1898 to present time, which position he has just resigned, in order to take pastorship American Church in Berlin, Germany.  Received degree of D.D. Washington and Jefferson College, 1903.  Girdled the globe 1897 - 8; visited South America 1905 - 6.  Has been a most successful and popular pastor wherever located.  Address: Kenwood Evangelical Church, Chicago, Ill.
Stone City
Born April 5, 1840, Hudson, N.Y.  President, Glens Falls Insurance Co.   Educated in public and private schools. Studied law, graduated 1861 Union University Law School at Albany, L.L.B.   Practiced law at Essex, N.Y. for a year, and then enlisted in the118th Regiment of New York Volunteers.  Saw much active service with his regiment and in various staff positions, returning with the rank of Major and Brevet Lieut. Col.    After the war, was appointed United States Collector of Internal Revenue for the 16th Congressional District of New York, resigning in 1868 to take charge of the field work of the Glens Falls Insurance Co., with which he has since been associated.  In1872, he was made secretary and on the death of President Little in 1892, became president of the company. He has written various articles on insurance topics.  Address: Glens Falls, N.Y.
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Born July 11, 1862, Bolton, N.Y.  Lawyer.  Son of Flavius J. W. and Eliza H. Davis; A. B., A. M. Wesleyan University; L.L.B. Albany Law School; School Commissioner, Warren County, 1887; School Commissioner, first district, Warren County, 1900 - 2; Assemblyman 1903 - 4; Supervisor, Town of Queensbury, 1906 - 7; County Attorney, 1908; Captain Company K, 2nd N.Y.  Volunteer Infantry, 1898; Lieutenant Colonel 2nd Regiment, N. G., N.Y. 1908; Chairman Warren County Republican Committee 1891 - 2, 1902 - 6; Chairman Glens Falls Republican City Committee, 1908.  Address: Glens Falls, N.Y.
Born 1860, Glens Falls, N. Y.  Went to Burlingame, Kansas in November, 1881.  Having been employed by the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad in one capacity and another in 1886, he became what is known as relief agent.  In 1889, he went to Guthrie as agent, being transferred to Wichita in 1897, where he remained until February 22,1907, when he went to Atchison as general agent.  March 2, 1897, he was tendered a banquet, attended by the Governor, Attorney General, Mayor and others who made complimentary speeches.  Gov. Renfrow in his address said,  “No more faithful or energetic official ever lived than Col. L. R. Delaney, and his departure from Guthrie is lamented by thousands."  Address: Atchison, Kansas.
Born 1876, Glens Falls, N.Y.  Lawyer.  Son of Benjamin and Katherine (Sweeney) Dillon; graduated St. Mary's Academy, 1893; Buffalo Law College, 1898.  During administrations of William M. Haskell and Daniel O’Leary (presidents of the village) he was Clerk.  Two years ago he was appointed 3rd Assistant Deputy Attorney General; one year ago promoted from 3rd to 2nd Assistant, and is now in the Court of Claims Department of the Attorney General's office.  Address: State Capitol, Albany, N.Y.
Born December 25, 1860, Glens Falls, N.Y.  Son of James Lawton and Laura (Stevens) Dix; Banker and manufacturer. Educated district school on Ridge Street and Glens Falls Academy, graduating class of1879; entered Cornell University 1879, graduating in 1882.  Married April 24, 1889, to Gertrude Alden Thomson.  Member of firm of Reynolds & Dix, manufacturers of black marble 1884; associated with Lemon Thomson at Thomson, N. Y., in lumber business 1887.  The hamlet of Thomson, which had only a saw mill at that time has become an important manufacturing center, largely through the efforts of Mr. Dix, the mills in which he is interested employing 500 operatives, making pulp, paper and wall paper.  Interested in lumbering operations in Herkimer County, to supply pulp wood to the several pulp mills with which he is connected.  President Iroquois Pulp & Paper Co. of Thomson; Moose River Lumber Co., McKeever; vice president First National Bank of Albany; vice president Blandy Paper Co., Greenwich; director Albany Trust Co., Glens Falls Trust Co., National Bank of Schuylerville, Standard Wall Paper Co., Sandy Hill; treasurer American Wood Board Co., Thomson.  Warden St. Stephens' Church, Schuylerville.  Delegate to Pan-Anglican Congress, London, 1908; member of standing committee of Diocese of Albany.  Delegate to National Convention, St. Louis, 1904.  Enthusiastic friends and admirers placed his name before 1906 Democratic State Convention for high office of Governor of Empire State; late Democratic candidate for Lieutenant-Governor. Address: Thomson, N.Y.
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Born November 19, 1861, South Glens Falls.  Banker.  Son of George W. and Mary (Betts) Ferris; educated Glen Falls Academy and other local schools. Began his mercantile career with the old firm of Coolidge and Lee.  Married Mary Steele, daughter of Dr. John Steele.  Located in Boston and became interested in the Gilchrist Company, one of the leading dry goods store of that city; at present time is president of the corporation, controlling the affairs of this company which does a business of about $3,000,000 a year.  Address: Care Gilchrist Co., Boston, Mass.
Born November 3, 1873.  Son of Byron B. and Julia (Cheney) Fowler; educated Glens Falls High School 1886 -1888; graduated Yale in 1894, degree of A.B., and New York Law School in 1896, with degree of L.L.B.  Author and playwright, wrote "Tattooed Man," successfully presented by Frank Daniels under management of Charles Dillingham.  The score of this opera was written by Victor Herbert.  Noted as a wit and litterateur.  Address: 277 Glen St., Glens Falls, N.Y.
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Born June 25, 1882, Glens Falls.   Son of James S. and Nettle (Millington) Garrett; graduated Glens Falls High School 1898 as president of his class.  Began study of violin at age of 10 years with Miss Annie Harris of Glens Falls, with whom he continued for five years.  Clerk in the Glens Falls Insurance Co. office for five years, continuing the study of the violin.  Student of Claude Holding of Albany for several seasons; has been leader of orchestra at Empire Theatre, and has taken part in all concerts in this locality for the past eight or nine years: is conceded by music lovers to be among the first violinists in this part of the State; his technique and interpretation of classical violin music is perfect; Mr. Garrett is something more than a violinist, he is an artist.  September, 1907, took up study of dentistry in Baltimore Medical College is still keeping up his interest in the violin and musical matters. Address: Glens Falls, N.Y.
Born 1855, Waterville, Me.  Violinist and dentist.  Son of Rev. Geo. B. Gow, D. D.; graduated Brown University 1877, Newton Theological Institute, 1882.  Since 1895 has been pastor at Fair Haven, Vt., Bridgeport, Ct., Chicago, Ill., and is at present pastor of the Perkins Street Baptist Church, Somerville, M.A.  He has been well known in Glens Falls during his father's pastorate, from 1883 to the present time, occupying at times the Baptist pulpit in this city.  He received the honorary degree of Doctor of Divinity in 1908 from Colby College; has been president of the Boston Browning Society, chairman of the Religious Movements Committee of the Twentieth Century Club and trustee of the Newton Theological Institute.  Address, Somerville, Mass.
Born 1860, Groton, Mass.  Doctor of Music; Son of Rev. Geo. B. Gow, D.D.; graduated Worcester Academy 1878; Pittsfield (Mass.) School of Music 1880; Brown University 1884; Newton Theological Institute 1889; two years of music study in Berlin and Paris; teacher of Theory of Music at Smith College, 1889 - 1895; since 1895 author of songs, part music, lecturer on music in Albany, New York City and elsewhere.  Doctor of Music, honoris causa, Brown University, 1902.  Prof. Gow was a resident of Glens Falls during his father's acting pastorate from 1883 to 1893 and remains a member still of the Baptist Church of this city.  Address: Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
Born June 30, 1875, Glens Falls, N.Y., Editor, author; Son of G.B. and Josephine (Ferris) Greenslet; graduated Wesleyan University, Middletown, Conn., 1897; University fellow, Columbia, 1899, Ph.D., 1900.  Married April 25, 1903, Ella S. Hulst, New York.  Associate editor Atlantic Monthly, 1902 - 7; literary advisor to Houghton, Mifflin Co., since 1907; poetic critic of New York Nation, a contributor to Atlantic Monthly, the Nation, Scribner's, Century.  The Outlook, etc.  Member Phi Beta Kappa.  Author: Joseph Glanvill - A Study in English Thought and Letters of the Seventeenth Century, 1900 Ml: the Quest of the Holy Grail, 1902 C44; Walter Pater, 1902 M16: Life of Lowell, 1905 H5; in press, Biography of Thomas Bailey Aldrich, to be published fall of 1908.  Member National Institute of Arts and Letters.  Address,:4 Park St., Boston.
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Born November 4, 1850, Salem, N.Y., Real estate and insurance business; Editor, author; Son of the late Rev. Peter M. Hitchcock.  Member of Assembly, 1899, 1900 and 1901.  Supervisor of the Town of Queensbury for several years, and chairman of that body; Village Treasurer and member of the Board of Trustees under the previous form of government; chairman of the Republican County Committee of Warren County on several occasions.  An intimate friend of President Roosevelt and Senator Thomas C. Platt during the years he served in the State Legislature.   Prominent secret society man and successful in business interests, with which he has been identified.  Address: Glens Falls, N.Y.
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Born October 22, 1868, Glens Falls, N.Y. Son of Emmet T. and Agnes E. Johnson; Lawyer.  Graduated Glens Falls Academy 1886; entered Williams College 1886; entered Columbia Law School 1890; graduated Columbia Law School 1892; admitted to the bar 1893.   Married Sophie C. Rogers.  Elected Mayor of Plattsburg 1899; elected Member of Assembly 1900; delegate to National Convention 1900.   Member New York Stock Exchange 1905.  Address,: 401 West End Ave., New York City.
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Born at Cambridge, Washington County, N.Y.  Educated at Falley Seminary, Fulton, N.Y.  In 1866, he took up his residence in New York City.  Married S. Emma, oldest daughter of the late Hon. R. M. Little, October 1868.  With the exception of five years (from 1883 - 1888, as partner of our townsman, Charles E. Bullard), Mr. Loomis' entire time and attention has been devoted to matters of accountancy, and in this, his chosen profession, he takes first rank, and is recognized as a leader both as regards experience and trained ability.   Mr. Loomis is at present the president of the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants, president of the Accountancv Publishing Co.; chairman of the Advisory Committee of the New York University School of Commerce, Accounts and Finance; member of the Committee on Department Methods of the U. S. Government; and past resident of the National Institute of Accounts; past president of the New York State Examining Board of Certified Public Accountants, and past president of the American Association of Public Accountants.  He is the senior member of the firm of Loomis, Conant & Co., Certified Public Accountants, at 30 Broad St., New York City.  Address as above.
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Born October 18, 1861, Scotland.  Son William and Isabella (Taylor) Mackay; Minister.  Graduated University of Edinburgh (from the New College and United Presbyterian College) after seven and one-half years of study.  First charge was in Providence, R. I., where, with seven people, he began the second Presbyterian Church, where he was pastor for eight years.  Married 1892 Margaret A. Haire of Newport, R. I.  Called Feb., 1899, to First Presbyterian Church of Glens Falls, where he remained for nine years, conducting with great success a pastorate wherein his Christian influence was greatly felt throughout the religious, social, civic and intellectual life of the city.  In January, 1908, accepted a call to the North Presbyterian Church of New York City, and assumed charge Feb. 9.  Appointed Grand Chaplain Grand Lodge, F. and A. M., of this State, 1908.  Address, care North Presbyterian Church, 155th St., and Amsterdam Ave., New York City.
Born February 27, 1883, Glens Falls, N. Y.  Son of Eugene S. and Catherine A. (Barrett) Mason.  Papermaker. Educated Glens Falls public schools; graduated from High School 1898.  Began his business career with International Paper Co. in chemical testing department in South Glens Falls paper mill; in 1903 went with the Laurentide Paper Co. at Grand Mere, P. Q.; from 1905-7 represented that company in London, England, in the expert sales division; returned to Grand Mere, 1907, to take charge of the sulphite department.   Married Florence N. Batcheller of Glens Falls, 1907.  Address: c/o Laurentide Paper Co., Grand Mere, P.Q.
Born November 2, 1878, East Swanzey, N.H.; Son of Herbert W. and Abbie (Alexander) Mason; Lawyer; graduated Glens Falls High School 1896, Cornell University, L.L.B. 1900.  Practiced law for two years in Ithaca, during which time he also served as one of the State Civil Service Examiners.  Associated with Homblower, Byrne, Miller & Potter, lawyers, N. Y. City, 1902 - 5, since 1905 has been a member of the firm of Ivins, Mason, Wolff & Hoguet.  Author; in 1907 assisted as counsel for Public Service Commission, First District, in general investigation of New York and Brooklyn traction companies.  Address: 27 William St., New York City.
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Born June 8, 1853, Glens Falls, N.Y.  Son of John and Mary (Flynn) O'Leary; Superintendent of Licenses, State Factory Dept.; educated Glens Falls public schools; became prominent in Republican village, town and county politics, and identified with the early labor movements in this State; received a position in Albany through the efforts of Hon. A. B. Colvin, then State Treasurer, which led in 1896 to his appointment as State Factory Inspector by Gov. Morton; since that time has been Deputy Factory Inspector, located in New York City; is possessed of much executive ability, diplomacy and has been a success in every position in which he has served.  Married Margaret Moynihan, daughter of Jeremiah A. Moynihan, an old resident of Glens Falls, recently deceased.  Address: 114 - 16 East 28th St., New York City.

Born July 24, 1881; Glens Falls, N. Y., Son of Daniel O'Leary, ex-State Factory Inspector, and Margaret  (Moynihan) O'Leary; Lawyer, educated Glens Falls Academy, Glens Falls; graduated Christian Brothers Academy, Albany, 1898; post graduate same institution 1899, winning Maguire Gold Medal for Oratory, at Albany, same year.  Began study of law in office of Raley & Kiley 1900; entered New York University 1901; graduated with honors, B. L., 1903; admitted to bar 1901 at age of twenty-one years; began practice of law in October the same year.  Mr. O'Leary recently gained distinction by recovering the largest verdict ever awarded for personal injuries, in Queens County, and perhaps in the State, namely $25,000 in the action of Patrick Simpson vs. The Foundation Company; has also figured prominently in important cases in the City of New York, and although very young has acquired an enviable reputation as an able trial lawyer.  Is an officer of the National Guard, with rank of Second Lieutenant, and attached to the 69th Regiment, New York City.  Address: 38 Park Row, New York City.

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Born November 28, 1857, West Milton, Saratoga Co., N.Y.  Son of Solomon A. and Harriet A. (Hewitt) Parks; Leading paper manufacturer; his father one of the pioneer paper manufacturers in this county and his three sons were noted as the most successful paper men in the United States and Canada; educated Glens Falls Academy; on leaving school went to New York for a year to learn the paper commission business; in early 80's returned to Glens Falls, going into mills of the Glens Falls Paper Co.; soon after, owing to ill health of his father, made superintendent of the mill, his brother, F. H. Parks, being manager; was superintendent until about 1890, when he became treasurer of the company with full charge of manufacturing; in Feb., 1898, when the Glens Falls Paper Co. was merged with the other properties of the International Paper Co., was made division superintendent in charge of the Glens Falls, Fort Edward, Hudson River, Cadyville and Milton Mills; remained with this corporation until 1901, when he resigned to accept the position as manager of manufacturing with the Great Northern  Paper Co. of Millinocket,  ME.  While he was connected with the Glens Falls paper mills, business increased from two small machines making about four tons a day, to seventeen machines, averaging 300 tons a day.  Address: c/o Great Northern Paper Co., Millinocket, ME.

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Born August 7, 1870, Glens Falls, N.Y., Son of Thomas and Margaret (Mullen) Reilly; Priest.  Educated public schools and St. Mary's Academy, in 1889 began study for priesthood at Niagara University, making a five years' course in three years by extra study during vacation; began seminary studies in 1892 at St. Joseph’s Provincial Seminary, Troy; returned to Niagara University in 1896 for completion of ecclesiastical course.  Ordained in St. Mary’s Church, Glens Falls, by Rt. Rev. T.M.A. Burke, D.D., Sept. 21, 1898; immediately appointed assistant to late Rt. Rev. James McDermott, V.F.; after death of that reverend gentleman appointed administrator of the church's affairs until the coming of Rev. D.F. Curtin as pastor of the parish; remained as assistant until July 1, 1907, when he became assistant at St. Bridget's church, Watervliet, N.Y.  Father Reilly is one of the most talented and eloquent young priests in the diocese and has a brilliant future before him in his chosen work and profession.  Address: St. Bridget's Church, Watervliet, N.Y.   

Born February 17, 1870, Wilton, N.Y.   Son of Dr. John H. and Sarah C. (Morgan) Reynolds.  Assistant Secretary of the Treasury U. S.;  Educated Glens Falls Academy; graduated Dartmouth College with honors 1890; while in college  editor-in-chief  of  "The  Dartmouth."  Newspaper correspondent in Boston, Washington and New York.  Secretary of the Republican State Committee of Massachusetts in 1896, serving in that capacity for eight years. Feb. 1905 was appointed Asst. Sec'y. of the Treasury by President Roosevelt and installed in office March 6; in his official capacity has charge of the customs business of the country, from which the government derives its greatest revenue.  In 1907 appointed chairman of a commission to investigate customs matters and relations between the United States and France, Austria, Germany and England, going abroad for this purpose.  In May of present year, made chairman of a commission to arrange reciprocity and trade treaty between the United States and France, which commission met in Paris during the mouth of July. Mr. Reynolds is an untiring worker, has a genial, companionable personality, and is considered one of the most proficient and efficient members of the present administration; and even at his comparatively young age he has risen to a position of distinction as great as any son of Glens Falls.  Address: Treasury Department, Washington, D.C.
Born December 11, 1872, Glens Falls, N.Y.  Son of Hollis and Mary (Mills) Russell; Attorney and counselor at law; educated Glens Falls public schools; member first graduating class Glens Falls High School; graduated B. L. Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y., 1895.  Adopted newspaper work as a profession.  Admitted to the bar at Albany fall of 1899; associated in the practice of law with Hon. Charles E. Hill, the then Republican Majority Leader of the House of Representatives of New Jersey.  Since 1900, has carried on large individual law practice; Secretary and Treasurer, Metropolitan Hardware Co., Manhattan; officer arid director of numerous engineering and commercial corporations.  Married Ella Watson La Roche, daughter Hon. and Mrs. Wm. J. La Roche, Brooklyn; has two children.  Home address: 31 Plaza St., Brooklyn, N.Y.

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Born December 25, 1880, Queensbury, N.Y.  Son of Addison P. and Anna Mary (Brown) Scoville.  Attorney and counselor at law; Graduated Glens Falls High School 1896 as president of class; 1897 secured Cornell Scholarship in competitive examination; graduated L.L.B. Cornell Law School 1900.  In law office County Judge C.R. Paris, Sandy Hill, 1900 - 1; moved to New York City 1901, entering law office of Wetmore & Jenner, patent attorneys; Jan., 1903, appointed assistant corporation counsel in Law Dept., New York City, after competitive examination, and still holds that position.  Address: Office of Corporation Counsel. Hall of Records, New York City.
SICKLES, GEN. DANIEL E.  Born October 20, 1823.  Resident of Glens Falls 1831 - 34.  Soldier, statesman; Elected to Assembly in 1847.  State Senator 1856 - 7 and represented the 3rd New York District in Congress from 1857 - 1861.  Division and Corps Commander and Major General in the War of the Rebellion.  United States Minister to Spain 1869.  One of the most distinguished citizens ever residing in this city.  Address: 23 Fifth Ave., New York City.

Born Feb. 22, 1878, Glens Falls, N.Y. Son of William F. and Ida (Morgan) Spier; Government  service: educated Glens Falls Academy and Hotchkiss School; graduated Yale University 1901.  Connected with Republican State Committee of Massachusetts in Presidential campaign of 1904 and State elections of 1905; since 1905 and at present private secretary to the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in charge of Customs.  Address: care Assistant Secretary, Treasury Department, Washington, D. C.

Born June 24, 1875, Culpepper Co., Virginia.  Son of James R. and Grace (Bushong) Stewart; Captain U.S. Army, author.  Moved with parents to Glens Falls 1889; graduated Glens Falls Academy 1891 and United States Military Academy, June 12, 1896.  Commissioned additional Second Lieutenant 11th Infantry, June 12, 1896; Second Lieutenant 8th Infantry, Aug. 27, 1896; First Lieutenant 8th Infantry, Oct.12, 1898; Captain 8th Infantry, June 12, 1901.  Served with distinction with his regiment in campaign before Santiago de Cuba, during the reconstruction of Cuba; also, in the pacification of the Philippine Islands, 1900 - 2.  Married Feb. 16, 1898, to Nan Wheelihan of Necedah, Wis.  Has a son, Peter, aged five years.  Has the reputation of being one of the best drill masters in the United States Army; commanded exhibition company at the Madison Square Garden Military Tournament, 1904; detailed for duty as Senior Instructor Infantry Tactics at United States Military Academy, West Point, June, 1904; relieved from that duty to join regiment in Philippine Islands, Nov., 1907.  Is the author of several professional manuals relating to tactics and of several short stories of a military character.  At present time on duty commanding his company at the Presidio of Monterey, Monterey, California.

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Born January 15, 1817, Yonkers, N.Y.  Manufacturer.  Was one of the pioneer lumbermen in this section, following with success this business in Glens Falls and Fort Edward until 1881, when he removed to Wisconsin and became interested in large lumber enterprises.  Was president of the Village of Glens Falls in 1878 - 9, running on the Republican ticket and defeating the "old war horse of Democracy," John Keenan.  Address: c/o Underwood Veneer Co., Wausau, Wis.

Born June 5, 1861, Fort Edward, N.Y.,; Son of Jarvis A. and Eunice K. S. Underwood; Newspaper editor; educated Glens Falls Academy 1879; graduated Williams College 1881, with honors.  Began newspaper work as editor-in-chief of the Williams College publications, and on graduation went almost immediately to the Amsterdam (N.Y. Democrat, (now Recorder), remaining there until 1884, when he became Asst. Editor of the well known and powerful Springfield Republican, where he remained until 1886; during part of this time was Legislative correspondent for that paper; became political editor of the Boston Advertiser in 1886, acting as its Washington correspondent in 1887 - 8; became Its managing editor, in combination with the same position with the Boston Evening Record in 1888, and still retains that dual position.  A leading metropolitan newspaper, writing up the newspaper representatives at a late Republican Convention, said of Mr. Underwood, “He wields a more facetious and trenchant pen than any other newspaper representative at the convention."  Address: c/o Boston Advertiser, Boston, Mass.

Born June 6, 1861; Fort Edward, N.Y., Son of Jarvis A. and Eunice S. Underwood; Lawyer; educated Glens Falls Academy 1880;  graduated Williams College as Salutatorian 1884; University of Wisconsin Law School 1887-8; Chicago College of Law 1888-9.  Married Oct. 17, 1891, to Lucy C. Cronkhite of Chicago.  After graduation was principal of Pattersonville Educational Institute, Hull, Iowa, 1884 - 5.  Has practiced law in Chicago since 1890; is counsel for large and influential corporations and clients; was Alderman of the City of Evanston for two terms. Address: Marquette Bldg., Chicago, Ill.

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Born Sept. 17, 1857, San Francisco, C.A.  Son of Charles and Ruth A. (Willson) Watrous.  Artist;  Mr. Watrous' father was from New London, C.T. and a delegate from California to the convention which first named Lincoln for President; his mother was a native of Glens Falls, belonging to the well known Willson family.  Fitted for college, but did not enter; chose art as a profession, going abroad in 1880 where he did considerable work in Southern Spain and North Africa; in 1881 came to Paris, studying in Atelier Bonnat and Academie Julien.  Returned to America in 1886; married 1887, Elizabeth, daughter of W. S. Nichols of New York City.  Went abroad 1887, resuming study of his profession in Munich, Florence and Paris.  Settled in New York 1888; winning the Clarke Prize (for the best figure painting of the year) in 1894; in which year he was also elected Associate Member of the National Academy of Design; Academician in 1895; has been secretary of the N.A. D. since 1898.    Received Bronze Medal, Pan American Exposition, Buffalo, 1901; Special Commemorative Gold Medal, Universal Exposition, St. Louis, 1904; chairman Committee on Art for N. Y. State, Louisiana Purchase Exposition, 1904; is undoubtedly best known as a genre painter; his pictures are to be found in the collections of Hon. W. C. Whitney, E. W. Bliss, C. P. Huntington, Henry S. Willson, etc., in this country, and can be found in many of the well-known collections in Europe.  Address: 58 West 57th St., New York City, or Hague-on-Lake George, N.Y.

Born June 23, 1834, Luzerne, N.Y.  Son of Reuben and Catherine (Leavens) Wells.  Banker, attorney and counselor at law, prominent politician; educated State Normal School, New York, Glens Falls Academy and People's College at Charlotteville; acquired legal education in office of Judge Stephen Brown, Glens Falls; admitted to bar Waukon, Iowa, Nov., 1857; began practice at Chatfield, Minn., May, 1858.  Appointed County Judge 1859, elected to same office 1860; 1862 crossed plains to California on special mission; returned to Minnesota 1865 and settled at Preston.  Member State Board of Charities and Corrections six years; President State Goods Roads Association six years;  State Bankers'  Association seven years; Board of Education ten years; City Council seventeen years; Mayor five years. and Master of Masons, State of Minnesota, three years; Democratic candidate for Congress and District Judge; member of Legislature, both houses; declined nomination for Governor;  member  Democratic  National Convention at Cincinnati 1880, and Chicago 1892; President National Bank of Preston.  Address: Preston, Minn.

Born July 27, 1858, Deposit, Broome Co., N.Y.  Son of Adolph and Henrietta White; Lawyer, State official, author, public speaker, law lecturer; resided in Glens Falls until 1881; educated Glens Falls Academy; admitted to the bar Sept., 1879; writer on the Troy Daily Press 1881-6; chief of corporation division of the Secretary of State's Office 1886-1900; member of the faculty of the Albany Law School since 1905, as lecturer on corporation law; First Deputy Attorney General of the State of New York 1907; receiver of the Hamilton Bank of New York City 1908; public speaker in all important political campaigns since 1888; author of White on Corporations, White's Manual for Business Corporations; White’s Manual for Foreign Corporations; writer of articles on corporation law for news-papers; from 1900 to present time has practiced law as a corporation law specialist, with offices located at New York City and Albany, N.Y.  Address: 22 Liberty St., New York City.

Stone City

Born November 21, 1846, Town of Otsego, Otsego Co., N.Y.  Educator and author; Lived on a farm until he was twenty-three, teaching district schools during the winter; graduated Albany Normal School 1871.  Married Margaret Haight Wilber; has two sons, Henry and Paul W.  Was Superintendent of Schools at Flushing, L.I., for eleven years; came to Glens Falls as Superintendent of Schools in 1882; organized the present Union School system; instrumental in having the first High School building erected in 1884; resigned about 1898 and accepted a position with the State Department of Education at Albany.  For the past ten years has been a successful conductor of State Teachers Institute; has been president of the County Teachers Association of Queens, Otsego arid Warren Counties, president of the Champlain Teachers' Council and president of the State Superintendents Council, president of the Library Section of the National Educational Association.  Was very active in the founding of the Crandall Free Library, having been president arid treasurer of the Board of Trustees for several years; is the compiler of a series of valuable school readers and history.  Was the organizer and manager of the National Summer School for Teachers.  One of the charter members and trustees of New York State Historical Association from its beginning, and has been one of its vice-presidents for several years.  Received degree of P. D. from Albany Normal College.  Address, Glens Falls, N.Y.

Born March 20, 1859, Wheeling, W.V. Son of Dr. Edward Grove and Virginia P. (Moyston) Winchell; Artist and designer. His mother a granddaughter of Joseph P. Caldwell of Virginia.  Came to Glens Falls in 1878, where he resided for several years; graduated 1873 Stewart Hall (Maryland Collegiate Institute); married 1882 Miss Lucy B. Smith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dillon P. Smith of Glens Falls.  Mr. Winchell devoted several years to the study of dentistry and to architecture, finally devoting himself to the development of his unquestioned artistic talents; associated with American Bank Note Co. as chief of their art department 1881 - 91; 1894 - 6 traveled around the world, visiting nearly every nation, as a member of 'The Field Columbian Museum," having credentials from the U. S. Government and principal foreign offices of European countries to all the potentates on earth.  Founded the Chasmar-Winchell Press in 1896; became identified with The Matthews-Northrop Works (The J. N. Matthews Co.) as art director, with offices and studio in the Madison Square Garden Tower, 1900 - 7; founded The Winchell Studio & Chasmar Press in 1907.  Mr. Winchell is well and widely known in his profession, where he is recognized as one of the best designers in the field of commercial art; is the inventor of the "Winchell Type," which is one of the most popular faces in use by printers of the present day.  Address: Scribner Bldg, New York City.


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