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Source: Glens Falls - The Empire City, published 1908.

Memorial Biographies

The names appearing below are those of gentlemen who were either born in Glens Falls or were residents at some time, having gained distinction, honors and preferment in National, State or local political, professional or business affairs.  The list only attempts to enumerate the more prominent gentlemen.

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Born November 3, 1844.  1878 Member of N.Y. State Assembly.   Prominent churchman and educator, banker, lawyer and literary authority.  Died Aug. 27, 1894. 
ALDEN, SETH, HON.  Born 1749, Shaftsbury, VT.  Member of N.Y. State Assembly 1800 - 1.  Grandfather of Hon. Orange Ferriss. Died 1809.

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Born 1849, Bethel, VT.  Received public school education at Marlsboro, N. H.  Pupil of Dr. Roland B. Gray, President of Long Island Medical Society and specialist of national reputation.  Moved 1872 to Glens Falls.  Established Bemis Eye Sanitarium in 1893, where he met with great success as an eye specialist.  Died Dec. 9, 1901.
BROWN, STEPHEN, HON. Born July 4, 1825.  District Attorney 1853 - 6.  Warren County Judge, 1863 -71.  Vice President of Glens Falls Insurance Company and Director, Vice President and President of Glens Falls National Bank.  Died Oct. 8, 1907.
BUELL, HORATIO G., HON. Born January 13,1791.  District Attorney 1821-3.  County Judge 1829 - 32.  Died Feb. 27,1833.

Born March 23,1820 in Glens Falls. Banker and son of Horatio and Elizabeth (McGregor) Buell.  Nephew of the noted authoress, Sarah Josepha Hale.  Educated in district schools.  In his eighteenth year, entered business in a dry goods store in Troy.  Began business in Glens Falls in the late 40's and erected residence now occupied by Henry Crandall.  Removed to Troy and became Cashier of Central Bank of Troy, from whence he was called to a similar position in the Importers & Traders Bank of New York City, of which he became president in 1865.  During his presidency this bank was established in the front rank of financial institutions in this country.  In 1874, he was called before the congressional committee on banking and currency to explain his views regarding the then demoralized condition of the National Currency.  In 1875, his financial plan was incorporated in the Currency Measure known as the "Sherman Bill," proposed by the senior member from Ohio, afterward Secretary of the Treasury, Sherman.  Mr. Buell was also one of the founders of and a director in the Fifth Avenue Bank.  From 1876 to 1881, he was president of the United States Life Insurance Company.  He died in New York City in the spring of 1881.

BYRNE, FRANK, HON. Born 1841.  1885 member of N.Y. State Assembly.  Manufacturer, banker and real estate owner.  Died Oct. 27, 1903.

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Born May 30,1824.  Noted surgeon and specialist, whose fame was more than local, from the late '60's to the early '90's of the last century.  Founder of the "Glens Falls Athletic Club", afterwards, the "Glens Falls Club."  Coroner of Warren County.  Died April 10,1889.
CHENEY, ALBERT  NELSON,  HON. Born November 17, 1813.  Owner of the Cheney Mills, at one time the most important industry in Glens Falls.  A man of public spirit and energy.  A kind friend to the poor.  1848 member of N.Y. State Assembly. Died Oct. 1, 1866.
CHENEY, A. NELSON Born May 3, 1847.  Piscatorial writer and authority of worldwide reputation.  State Fish Culturist, 1895 -1901.  Died Aug. 17, 1901.

|Stone City

Born January 4, 1778.  1820 member of N.Y. State Assembly.  1848 Presidential Elector.  Originator of the first temperance organization.  Died Sept. 20, 1866. 
CLARK, JAMES C. Born January 13, 1812.  1853 Village of Glens Falls President.  Sergeant-at-Arms of N.Y. State Senate, 1860 - 1.  Died July 6, 1888.
CLARK, ORVILLE, HON. Born June 29, 1801.  N.Y. State Senator 1844 - 47.  Died March 19,1862.
COLVIN, HIRAM K., COL. Born April 15, 1827.   Holden’s  "History of Queensbury" states,  "As a passing tribute of regard for a highly valued friend, now gone to his reward, the author would say that he was a genial, kind-hearted, steadfast and reliable man, exemplary in his life and conduct, and whose public spirit and enterprise were so marked that the entire community at his decease deplored his loss as one not readily to be replaced."  Colonel of the 31st New York Militia.   Mustered first companies, which volunteered from Glens Falls and locality for service in War of the Rebellion.  Died Feb. 8, 1863.
COOL, KEYES P. Born November 25, 1795.  1840 Presidential Elector.  Presided at public meeting at Numan Hall immediately after the fall of Fort Sumter, where it was enthusiastically resolved that Glens Falls should do its share to be fully represented in the coming struggle.  Shipped first Glens Falls manufactured lime for commercial purposes ca. 1832. Died Aug. 12, 1889.

Born January 1, 1810.  1859 President, Village of Glens Falls. Identified with every prominent enterprise in Glens Falls from the early history of banks, gas company, plank road, insurance company etc., to the day of his death.  Education and religion appealed strongly to him and movements along these lines had his liberal support.  Died July 22, 1891.
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Born October 5, 1831.  County Judge 1871 - 77.  Possessed a wonderful memory, ready utterance, rare oratorical powers, affable demeanor and obliging disposition.  Died 1881.
Born July 9, 1815.  1863 President, Village of Glens Falls.  Staunch and reliable citizen of influence in the community.  Fifty years a prominent business man in Glens Falls.  Died Jan. 15,1901.

Born August 23, 1839.  Merchant, bank director and Glens Falls Insurance Company director.  Died May 12,1908.

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Born November 22, 1813 in Glens Falls.  United States Circuit Judge 1870.  Attained the very summit of professional eminence and success in Detroit, Mich.  Died ca.1885.

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Born March 30, 1846.  Thirty-one years a leading educator of the State.  Principal of the Glens Falls Academy from ca. 1878 'till death.  One of the founders of the New York State Historical Association, prominent in the religious, literary and civil life of the community.  Died Dec. 15, 1903.
Born June 21, 1815. Pastor of Presbyterian Church, Glens Falls  1846–1891.  A spiritual man of profound thought, great influence and commanding presence.  Polemical authority and teacher.  Author of historical and religious monographs.  Died Oct. 18, 1895.
FERGUSON, JAMES, DR. Born June 29, 18l8.  One of the early physicians of the community, who had a large practice and wielded influence as a public-spirited citizen of strong will power and positive ideas.  Died Oct. 27, 1892.
Born November 26, 1814 in Glens Falls.  Honorary degree of A.M. conferred upon him by University of Vermont.  1841, appointed Surrogate of Warren County, by Governor Seward.  County Judge and Surrogate twelve years.  Appointed Provost Marshal 1865, but declined.  1866 elected to Congress and served two terms.  1871 U.S. Commissioner of Southern Claims.  2nd Auditor U. S. Treasury 1888 - 1891.  Died Apr.11, 1894.

Stone City

Born March 28, 1827.  Prominent banker and lumberman.  Recognized head of Democratic party in northern New York for years.  Intimate friend of Hon. Grover Cleveland and Hon. Daniel Manning.  Died Dec. -16, 1903.
Born Jan. 1, 1856.  Prominent in councils or Democratic party. Twice candidate upon Democratic State ticket - once for Comptroller and once for State Treasurer.  Succeeded largely in management of business with which his father had been identified.  Died Jan.12, 1906.
FOLSOM, JOHN Born May 17, 1756 in Stratford, CT.  A large factor and liberal contributor in the business and religious development of Glens Falls.  Died Glens Falls, Aug. 4, 1839.
Born December 19, 1840.  One of the first prominent shirt manufacturers.   1881 Village President.  Banker, churchman and manufacturer.  Director of Glens Falls Insurance Co.  Died Oct. 31, 1898.

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Born January 9, 1792.  One of the organizers of the Glens Falls Academy.   Instrumental in building Presbyterian Church, which was destroyed by fire in 1864.  Member of N.Y. State Assembly 1837.  Died July 16, 1855.


Born July 2, 1715.  Glens Falls was named for him.  He was Quartermaster in the French and Revolutionary wars, stationed at Schenectady in 1775, bought lands of Daniel Parke on the Hudson above Fort Edward.  The tract partly comprised the City of Glens Falls.   Professor Pearson's record says of him,   "In 1795, he was in business at and owned Glen's Falls.  The Colonel, at the close of his life, became poor and was supported by kind friends in no way connected with the family.  His financial embarrassments are conjectured to have resulted from his connection with public affairs and the consequent neglect of his private interests."    Died Sept. 23, 1828.
GOODRICH, SOLOMON P. Born February 29, 1761.  First Principal of the Glens Falls Academy and founder of first Sunday School.  Died at Glens Falls, Sept. 28, 1831.
Born June 25, 1817 at Bolton, N.Y.  Received a common school education. Moved to Chestertown when eighteen years old and engaged in business with Charles Fowler.  Moved to Glens Falls 1859 and engaged in lumber business with Roberts Bros.  During the war, was Internal Revenue Collector.  1865 Village President.  1873, purchased interest in Jointa Lime Co.  Pioneer manufacturer of cement in Glens Falls.  1882 - 83, Town of Queensbury Supervisor - one of the most satisfactory officials ever holding that position.  Trustee, First Presbyterian Church, Glens Falls for several years.  1865 - 1902 Director, Glens Falls National Bank.  Died Dec. 14, 1903.

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Born 1834.  Proprietor and editor of the Glens Falls Republican.  Mr. Harris was an editor of unusual ability and his paper was a strong factor in the Democratic party of the county.  Died Feb. 21, 1896.
HAWLEY, SETH  Born 1871.  1808 built first paper mill in this vicinity, near Fort Edward.  Father of G.G. Hawley.  Died at Glens Falls, Sept. 1, 1869.
HAWLEY, ELIAS Born May 13, 1789.  Note from a Saratoga County deed, “January 25, 1825.  Elias Hawley and Alpheus Hawley purchased of John Folsom, half the cotton factory, water power, island and toll bridge at Glens Falls for $9,000."   (This refers to entire waterpower, flat rock, etc.).  Died Mar. 13, 1871.
Born July 8, 1806.  A memorial window in First Presbyterian Church commemorates his activity in Sabbath School matters, extending over a long period of years.  Died Mar. 2, 1882.
HAY, WILLIAM, JR., HON.  Born 1790.  Historian and author.  District Attorney 1825 - 7.  Editor, Warren Patriot, published at Lake George, 1819.  Member of N.Y. State Assembly 1827.  Died Feb. 12, 1870.
  Stone City
Born May 16, 1819.  Historian.  1874 member of N.Y. State Assembly.  His “History of Queensbury" proves him to be an authority on local matters.  Prominent as a physician and surgeon. A litterateur, patriot and philanthropist.  First man in Warren County to offer his services to the State in 1861.  Died July 19, 1891.
HOTCHKISS, WILLIAM, HON.  Born August 21,1806.  1846 delegate to State Constitutional Convention.  1856 - 7 State Senator.  1859 Executive Clerk in State Senate and again in 1862 and 1865.  1863 - 68 Assistant Chief of Bureau of Military Statistics, Albany.  1869 appointed deputy Collector of the 1st Division, 16th District, Internal Revenue.  Died April 30, 1880.
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Born January 3, 1833.  1870 Village President.  Member of Congress, 1883 - 6.  Banker and public speaker of convincing and pleasing address.   Leader in religious and educational life of the community.  Director of the Glens Falls Insurance Company.  Died July 17, 1893.
Born August 22, 1836.  Forty-two years Cashier of First National Bank of Glens Falls.  An affable, public-spirited and capable gentleman and official.  Died Feb. 3, 1907.
JONES, DANIEL Born ca. 1750.  Brother of David Jones, famous in American History as the betrothed lover of the hapless Jane McCrea.  One of the first settlers and original developers of waterpower at Glens Falls. Settled ca. 1778 in Brockville, Canada, where he died.
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Born November 11, 1809.  1871, 1876 - 7, 1884 Village President.  During his long years, while a resident of Glens Falls, he identified himself with all measures looking towards public improvement and reform.  Died Aug. 17, 1885.
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Born December 4, 1823.  Pioneer lumberman and organizer of freight and transportation line of the Northern Canal in 1850.  Chairman of Town War Committee 1864 - 5.  1865 member of N.Y. State Assembly.  1867 Village President.  Factor in affairs of First National Bank, Glens Falls Insurance Company, etc.  Identified with movements to secure railroad connection for Glens Falls water works, sewers and educational advantages.  Died Nov. 5, 1898.
Born December 26,1808.  Methodist Episcopal minister at nineteen years of age.  1859, organized Glens Falls Dividend Mutual Insurance Company, now Glens Falls Insurance Company.   Repeatedly declined political honors.  Frequently referred to as the "Gladstone of Warren County."   Born the same day as the great English statesman, resembling him in many respects.  State Senator 1862 - 63.  Died Dec. 11, 1891.

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Born November 20, 1854.  Founder "Glens Falls Star."  Prominent in councils of Catholic organizations and Societies.  Conservative and influential.  Died July 11, 1904.
MARTINDALE, HENRY C., HON. Born December 1779.  Surrogate of Washington County 1816-19.  District Attorney 1821 - 28.  Representative in Congress 1823 - 35.  Canal Appraiser 1840 - 43.  Died March 29, 1860. 
Born April 27, 1837 in Troy, N.Y.  1870 member of N.Y. State Assembly.  Stood in the front rank of the medical profession.  Was universally recognized as literary authority, churchman and educator, and possessed of rare oratorical powers combined with a wonderful memory and ready utterance of positive ideas, together with a genial and affable demeanor and obliging disposition, which caused his presence and cooperation to be sought, whenever the exigencies of a case required a leader in the development of worthy business or religious movements.  Being a philanthropist of the highest order, his beneficences will remain in the history of Warren County.  Died Aug. 8, 1906.
MCDERMOTT, JAMES, RT. REV. MONSIGNOR Born December 22, 1833 at Enniskillen, Ireland.  Came to the United States in 1854.  Studied at St. Mary's Seminary, Baltimore, M.D., and was ordained a priest by Bishop McClosky at Albany, Aug. 22, 1862.  He came to Glens Falls Aug. 25, 1862.  Went to Norwich, N. Y. in 1863 and returned to Glens Falls in 1865, where he was pastor of St. Mary's church for thirty-eight years.  Under his direction the congregation built St. Mary's Church in 1867, St. Mary's Rectory, Convent and Grammar School in 1882, and St. Mary's Academy in 1895.  He was respected by all who knew him.  A man of exemplary traits and extreme devotion to the church and his people.  Dean of Warren, Washington and Saratoga Counties.  Died Feb. 20, 1903.

Stone City

Born February 26, 1784.  President, Commercial Bank (now First National Bank of Glens Falls) 1853.  Member of N.Y. State Assembly 1821 - 2 and 1828.   It is said that to him, more than any other one man, is the credit due of opening up the resources of Glens Falls and vicinity, and preparing the way for that healthy development and growth which makes it today one of the great business centers of Northern New York.  In 1821, he secured a survey and appropriation for the construction of the Glens Falls Feeder Canal.  Only seventeen votes in the town were cast against his return to the Assembly the following year.  Died Sept.11, 1870.
Born August 3, 1831.  1872 Village President.  Member of Canal Investigating Commission 1898 - 9.  Frequently a delegate to State and District Conventions.  Liberal contributor to beautiful new edifice of Christ Church, Methodist Episcopal, Glens Falls Home for Aged Women and Young Men's Christian Association.  A leader in every worthy movement to benefit Glens Falls.  Director Glens Falls Insurance Co.  President, First National Bank.  Lumber and paper manufacturer on large scale.  Died Sept. 2, 1906.
MC GREGOR, DUNCAN Born January 15, 1808 in Wilton, N.Y.  In early life, a farmer; in advanced years a lumberman.  He came to Warren Co., purchased "Pruyn's Hill" and became a resident of Glens Falls in 1867.  Mr. McGregor was an honest and good citizen, a faithful and generous, fighting friend, with strong likes and dislikes, which rendered his judgment at times very human and fallible.  His honesty of purpose was never in question, even by those who differed from him in opinion and refused to accept his conclusions.  His only religion: honesty; his only hope: doubt; gave him implicit faith in the equity of eternal justice, if a conscious existence may bless us beyond the stars.  Died Mar. 19, 1895.  Rests in the Glens Falls Cemetery.
MORGAN, ALONZO W. Born January 7, 1799.  1864 Presidential Elector.  Third President Glens Falls Insurance Co. One of the original up-builders of Glens Falls real estate.  Died May 29, 1889.
Born August 24, 1814.  At the time of his death, the controlling spirit in the management of the Morgan Lime Co., Morgan Lumber Co. and Glens Falls Paper Mill Co.  Pioneer in the industries of Glens Falls.  Died Aug. 1, 1873.
MOTT, ISAAC, HON. Born September 25, 1818.  Presidential Elector 1872.  One of the leading citizens of Glens Falls for many years. Died July 2, 1898.

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Born June 3, 1787.  Mastered both English and Latin grammar by the light of his forge fire, as he swayed the bellows pole up and down in his father's blacksmith shop.  Graduated from Andover Theological Seminary in 1813.  Ordained 1814.  Pastor, Presbyterian Church, Glens Falls, 1833 - 36.  Principal, Cambridge Washington Academy, Cambridge, N.Y., 1843 - 48.  Received the degree of Doctor of Divinity from the College at Middlebury, Vt.  Served Marlboro, Vt. in the Legislature 1862 - 4.  Died at Cambridge, Oct. 25, 1864.

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Born January 3, 1813.  Prominent lumber and paper manufacturer. Gave handsome fund at his death to build large and commodious structure for Young Men's Christian Association.  Died April 12, 1890.
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Born November 9, 1830. United States Senator from Nebraska 1875 - 81 and 1887 - 1893.  Died Oct. 17, 1897.
Born February 22, 1827.  President Village of Glens Falls 1877.  Liberal in religious support, particularly Baptist denomination.  A genius as manufacturer of paper, and head of the famous Parks family.  Three sons classed among the most successful manufacturers of this staple article ever identified with the important industry. Died Apr. 26, 1900.
Born January 25, 1853.  The practical manufacturing head of the International Paper Company at the time of his death.  A liberal minded and public spirited citizen.  Died May 25, 1906.
PARSONS, HENRY N., REV. Born July 27, 1813.  Gifted and accomplished scholar, eloquent and impassioned orator and graceful writer.  Died Aug. 10, 1859.
PEARSALL, AUGUSTUS J.  Born February 1,1833.  1864 connected with Charles H. White in the clothing business, later succeeded by Pearsall & Coolidge.  At time of death was President of Lake George Steamboat Co., Vice President, Glens Falls Paper Mill Co., Director, Glens Falls Brick & Terra Cotta Co., First National Bank and Glens Falls Insurance Co., and Trustee of the Methodist Church.  Died May 11th, 1885.
PECK, BETHUEL, HON.  Born June 16, 1788.  State Senator 1839 - 42.  Prominent as physician and druggist.  First President of Glens Falls Insurance Company. Died July 11, 1862.

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Preached his first sermon in the Old White Church in 1842.  Subsequently edited a newspaper in Illinois, which was the first one in the whole country to propose the name of Lincoln for President.  Was appointed by Lincoln to have charge of a division in the Department of Indian affairs at Washington.  (Date of birth and death not obtainable.)
ROCKWELL, WILLIAM W., HON. Born 1824.  Member of N.Y. State Assembly 1849.  Collector of Internal Revenue 1869.  State Senator 1878 - 81.The greatest organizer and most successful manipulator of the Republican party this locality ever knew.  Never forgot a friend or forgave an enemy.  Died 1894.
ROSEKRANS, ENOCH H., HON. Born October 16, 1808.  Degree of L.L.D. conferred upon him by Union College.  District Attorney 1835 - 45.  County Judge 1847-51.  Village President 1855.  Justice of the Supreme Court of the State of New York 1855 - 71.  Died May 1, 1877.
RUSSELL, JOSEPH, HON. Born 1800.  Member of N.Y. State Assembly 1840.  Representative in Congress 1845 - 7 and 1851 - 3.  Died 1875.

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Born 1805.  In1837, during the financial crisis, issued form of paper currency upon which the name of "shin plaster" was first conferred.  Member of N.Y. State Assembly 1841.  Died 1862.
SANFORD, GEORGE H. Born 1836.  Delegate to National Democratic Convention.  Member of N.Y. State Assembly 1866.  State Senator 1870 - 1.  Died Nov. 29, 1871.
SHELDON, EDSON N., DR.  Born September 28, 1804.  1860 cast his vote as Presidential Elector for the first term of service of Lincoln.  Trustee of the N.Y. State Institution for the Blind at Binghamton, 1866.  Died July 3, 1873.

Stone City 
Born February 11, 1801.  Related to the distinguished statesman and patriot, Roger Sherman of Revolutionary fame.  President, Commercial Bank (now First National Bank of Glens Falls) 1858-1884.  Placed the first boat for transportation of lumber on Glens Falls Feeder.  First President of Glens Falls Paper Mill Co.  Director of Glens Falls Insurance Co.  Died Dec. 3, 1884. 


Born March 31, 1837.  Extensively engaged in the manufacture of lumber, boating and lime.  Conducted a large mercantile business for years.  Operator in real estate.  Horse breeding and development of agricultural and racing associations, where speed and true sport were features, occupied much of his attention.  Died Dec.13, 1894.
SHERWOOD, LIEUTENANT COLONEL COMMANDER No genealogical records obtainable.
SPIER, WILLIAM E.  Born May 16, 1849.  One of the successful businessmen of the younger generation.  Lumber, paper and horse breeding principal sources of his success.  Had a host of friends and admirers and no enemies.  Enterprising and liberal.  Died May 8, 1901. 
STREETER, DR. BUELL G.  Born July 25, 1832.  Achieved distinction as a surgeon in the Civil War.  Came to Glens Falls during late '60's, becoming noted in his profession.  Interested in educational and public matters.  Coroner in the late '70's.  U.S. Examining Surgeon for Pensioners from 1885 -1900.  One of the original promoters and founders of the present Union School system.  Died July 24, 1900.

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Born 1753.  Member of Assembly 1786-9. Died 1802.
UPSON, ANSON JUDD, Rev., D. D., L. H. D., LL. D.

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Born November 7, 1823.  1843 graduate of Hamilton College.  Began practicing law in Utica.  1845 tutor in Hamilton.  1849 adjunct professor of rhetoric and moral philosophy.  1853 professor of logic, rhetoric and elocution.  1870 - 80 pastorate of Second Presbyterian Church in Albany.  He was Commissioner to the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in 1871 and 1877.  In 1880, he became a professor in Auburn Theological Seminary and in 1887 professor emeritus.  In 1889, he removed to Glens Falls.  Dr. Upson was elected a Regent of the State University Feb. 11, 1874, and in 1892, Chancellor.  Died June 14, 1902.


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Born February 26, 1842.  Member of Assembly 1882.  Died Sept. 28, 1894.
VAN DUSEN, ZENAS, COL Born February 6, 1808.  One of the largest lumber manufacturers of Glens Falls.  Died Feb. 22, 1889.
VERNOR, JOHN Born August 18, 1746.  Delegate to Constitutional Convention 1801. Died Dec. 1, 1825.

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Born November 24, 1835.  Since 1855 associated with what is now the National Bank of Glens Falls, first as clerk, then as teller in 1859, and finally as Cashier in 1862.  His life was devoted to his family, his church and the institution that received his services for over fifty years.  Was a writer of much merit.  Had he developed this talent his fame in literature would have been considerable.  Died Oct. 27, 1906.  
WING,  HALSEY  R. Born July 9, 1809.  County Judge 1845-47.  Director of Glens Falls National Bank, Glens Falls Insurance Company.  Faithful laborer in the field of temperance.  Died Jan. 26, 1870.

Born August 4, 1791.  County Surrogate 1827-35.  Village President 1847.  Prominent as lumberman, also in civic, financial and business affairs of Glens Falls. Died June 18, 1873.

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