1876 Business Listings For Glens Falls

Corner of Bay and Glen Streets,  H. Crandall, Lumberman

Glen Street,  I. J. Davis, Lawyer

94 Glen Street,  DeLong and Sons, Dealers in Hardware, Iron, Steel, Stoves, Gas Fittings, Tin Work and Plumbing done to order

78 Glen Street,  E. T. Johnson, Cashier,  Glens Falls National Bank

119 Glen Street,  Glens Falls Insurance Company, Insures farm property and detached  dwellings only

William A. Wait, Cashier, Glens Falls National Bank

10 Bacon Street, R. S. Hilkins, Proprietor, Livery Stable

F. A. Johnson ( Sherman and Johnson) Bankers

92 Glen Street, M. B. Little, General Insurance Agent, residence, Warren Street

L. G. McDonald, Lime Manufacturer, residence, Warren Street

Bay Street, John S. Nelson, Proprietor, Nelson House

Corner of Warren and Lime Streets,  Norris Brothers, this firm has the exclusive rights of the Gillette Brass bearing thimble skeins.  The Norris patent buckboards with supporting spring, which strengthen the board and keeps it always up and trim and level and adds greatly to the elasticity of the wagon

Corner of Warren and Glen Streets, Pearsall and Coolidge, Dealers in clothing and Gentís furnishing goods, hats, caps, etc.

Glen Street, Hiram Philo, Surveyor and Notary Public

76 Glen Street, Sherman and Johnson, Bankers

S. R. Stoddard, Photographer, views of Lake George and Adirondack scenery in many styles, also Publisher of a Guide For Travelers, residence, 22 Elm Street

Sherman and Lapham, Lumbermen

SOURCE:  County Atlas of Warren, New York;  Published by F. W. Beers & Co., 36 Vesey Street,                           New York,  1876