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1755 The first road on which teams could pass connected what would become Glens Falls with other settlements.
1832 State legislature approved construction of the Glens Falls Feeder Canal which resulted in an economic boom.
1848 The plank road from Glens Falls to Lake George was constructed.  For many years a successful operation of stagecoaches ran between the two places, slowed only by the extension of the railroad to the resort village in 1882.   The plank road passed out of existence in 1904.
1869 The first passenger railroad station was opened.  The station was on the north side of Maple Street opposite Oak Street. The building was later moved to the rear of a lot on the same side of Maple Street, facing Locust Street.  In 1897, the second station was built at the northeast corner of Lawrence and Cooper Streets. In 1958, passenger service to Glens Falls ended.   In 1971, the building was torn down for the new Post Star building.
1885 Horse-drawn cars made their appearance in Glens Falls and continued until the line between Monument Square in Glens Falls and the Bradley Opera House in Broadway in Fort Edward was electrified.
1891  The first electric powered street car arrived in Glens Falls on June 14, 1891.  By 1897, the system had grown to 18 cars operating over 10.5 miles of track.  The last cars made their way through a snowstorm to the car barn November 30, 1928.
1920 Captain C. M. Brownell's level fields at Miller Hill came to the attention of the U.S. Government as a desirable airport location, when army planes used it as a base to search for a navy balloonist.  The army fliers had discovered a landing site with near perfect air currents and wind conditions.
1928 Glens Falls Chamber of Commerce leased 80 acres from Captain Brownell and the field was christened Floyd Bennett Field.    
1928 Hudson Transportation Company street buses replaced electric cars.
1937 Adirondack Transit Line 4 came to Glens Falls.  The bus station was at 20 South Street.  Mr. A. C. Trumble was the manager.  (First listing in the city directory.)
1938 May 19,1938 was the first day of U.S. airmail flights form Floyd Bennett Field. 
1941 August 1,1941 commercial airline operations were inaugurated at Floyd Bennett Field with the arrival of two passenger Canadian Colonial Airways airliners.
1943  In March 1943, pilot training program started at Floyd Bennett Field.
1945 Warren County Airport opened on County Line Road, Queensbury. October 28, 1998, the name was changed to Floyd Bennett Memorial Airport.
1961 The Adirondack Northway was completed to exit 19 in Queensbury.  Governor Nelson Rockefeller cut the ribbon for the grand opening on May 26.  The county opened the arterial (Quaker Road) between route 9 and River Street, Queensbury


Bridging the Years
City Directories
Floyd Bennett Memorial Airport Article - Glens Falls Post Star, May 22, 1976

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