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Source: History Of Glens Falls, by Louis F. Hyde.

Electric Lights:   On April 16, 1880, the village advertised for proposals to light street lamps.

On April 25, 1884, The Glens Falls Messenger reported that, "electric lights were now in use in several stores."

The Glens Falls Gas and Light Company was incorporated June 15, 1854.

Source: The History of Warren County, N.Y.  edited by William H. Brown.

Electricity, Gas and Water:   The first electricity in Glens Falls was in a sawmill in 1880.

The Hudson River Water Power Company was formed in 1899 to build Spiers Falls Dam.  The dam was completed in August of 1903.

On July 14, 1854, an Albany company was authorized to erect a gas works.

In 1873, the Wilkie Dam was completed.   It was a gravity feed system that sent water from West Mountain into the city using pipes.

Source:  Excerpt from "The Synchronizer", an article entitled, "Glens Falls Gas Plant",  by George M. Bubb,  Superintendent of the Gas Department.   

Glens Falls Gas Plant:  The Glens Falls Gas and Light Company was formed in 1854, and was located at the corner of Canal and Basin Streets.  It had frontage on the Feeder Canal to facilitate receiving coal by boat. The gas was produced at the company, purified and then sent into the city gas mains.
   In 1886, the directors of the Company decided an electric light plant should be erected and operated in connection with the gas company.  It was first operated in August of 1887, and its main office was located at 69 Glen Street.  As of 1923, the gas was being sent through 53 miles of mains varying from 1 and 1/4 inch to 12 inches in diameter and supplied to customers through 4,443 meters.  Gas production in 1887 was 8,000,000 cubic feet and in 1923 was 92,000,000 cubic feet.

This information is from the vertical file in Crandall Library.

Telephones:  The Glens Falls Post-Star, Saturday, January 1, 1933:  "The first telephones in Glens Falls were in 1879. The switchboard was installed in the Times Building, now called the Colvin Building and had one day operator and one night operator. Fifty five phones were served by the switchboard."

The Glens Fall Times, September 6, 1932:   " An article states that this month (Sept.) was the 50th anniversary of phone service in Glens Falls.  The first operator was Miss Fanny Walton.  The company was the Union Telephone and Telegraph Company of Saratoga."

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