front of theater building

Empire Theatre, South Street

A group of prominent Glens Falls businessmen joined Addison Colvin and formed the Empire Estate and Theatre Company. It was their vision to create a city venue capable of attracting patrons and performers from near and far. Together, they charged New York City architect J. B. McEphattrick with designing a building capable of fulfilling that vision. The resulting neoclassical style structure was just that. It once stood as a symbol of the heights of commercial and industrial status that Glens Falls had achieved. Today it stands as a beautiful reminder of our rich history.

Construction on the Empire began in 1899, when contractor James Camp was tasked with beginning the stonework on the foundation with material supplied by C. J. Riordan. E. B. Potter, noted local architect and builder, along with assistance from D. P. DeLong, was awarded the contract for the structure above the foundation including the carpentry and brickwork. Decorative stonework was done by David Brown and Sons who provided both the stone from their Warrensburg quarry as well as the masons. The firm of Sasman and Landis out of Chicago, provided the finest of scenery, stage properties, and interior furnishings. Lastly, the beautiful stonework on the building exterior was completed by Norman S. and Edward Lee.