Chapman Challenge

The Chapman Challenge

Official Guidelines:  Visit 20 of the 35 “missions” provided. You have the flexibility to choose which ones to complete with just one exception; the last mission must be the Chapman Museum.  Most of the locations represent a piece of local history as noted, but a few have been included just for fun. 

After you visit each location, record the date and any comments you may have about it (optional).  Though not required, we ask that you share a photograph of your visit with us on social media. 

Upon completion of visiting 19 sites and the Chapman Challenge form, stop at the Museum to document your final mission with the signage at the front entrance to the Museum.  Come inside and hand in your form to a staff member, your name will be registered with an official finisher number on our website.


Download the 2024 Chapman Challenge and Checklist Here


2024 Challenge Finishers

  1.     Lynn Johnson

2022 Challenge Finishers

  1. Michael and Linda Demas

2021 Challenge Finishers

  1. Heather and Kelly Bakross
  2. Marguerite Saunders
  3. Annika, Derek, & Luke Longo and Tyce Mulder
  4. Jeanne Philion-Nichols and Sue Philion
  5. Stacey Baker and Molly Baker
  6. Cassandra Distilli and John LaVigne
  7. Beth Thomson
  8. Greg and Michelle Bussing
  9. Barbara Petrush and Bea Roman
  10. Jim and Anita Cartin
  11. Sebastian Herlihy, Corbin Merkley, Ethan Trackey, and Abigail Herlihy