Guest Lectures

Upcoming lectures can be found here.

Commemorative Community Quilts: Then and Now

The Sister Cities Program of Glens Falls & Warren County

Women in Revolutionary War Programming

How the Community Built the Glens Falls Chronicle 

National Women’s History Month: Celebrating Our Legacy, Inspiring Our Future

Tintypes with Craig Murphy

Lost and Found in Adirondack Memory: An Update from the Timbuctoo Archaeology Project

Perfect Gems: The Work of Seneca Ray Stoddard and Jesse Sumner Wooley

America’s Living Unknown Soldiers: Amnesia and Veteran Imposters after the Great War

Accused of Witchcraft in New York

Clark & Marshall’s 100th Anniversary of the First 46 Completion and the 46er Organization Gives Back

Redwork Embroidery and the Suffragist Tea Cozy Project

Joseph Warren: Why Call a County Warren?

LGBTQ+ History is New York State (And American) History

The Traditional Art of Black Ash Basketry

Merriment & Memories: How we Decorated, Celebrated, and Made Moments to Remember

Lessons in Thread; Unstitched

Talking about James Bond, Route 9, and Me

Legacy Builders: The First Activists of the Lincoln Memorial

Revisiting Black Histories: Local Stories, Transnational Impact

Slavery’s Stubborn Imprint: Legacies of White Supremacism in Warren County

The Lost Art of the Painted Photograph

Dressed for Freedom: the Politics of Fashion in American History

Halfway Brook: Small Stream/Big Story

The Unseen Army: Psychiatric Trauma and American Veterans of the Great War

The Grain Silos of Buffalo

Curing in the Adirondacks

Seneca Ray Stoddard’s Best Work

From Funky to Functional: 1950s – 1970s

The Ridge: Queensbury’s Historic Road from Glens Falls to Lake George