Hands-On History: Experiences of Hometown Life

Ongoing Exhibit

Girl playing in doll house at the hands-on exhibit

We want our visitors to be able to experience the DeLong House; however, due to Covid-19 restrictions on hands-on exhibits in museums, many of the interactive activities  have been removed.  Only those hands-on items that can be sanitized after each use remain.

Also, the historic house does not have a modern HVAC system.  The museum reserves the right to close the space should it be determined that conditions are unsafe.

The hands-on exhibits in the museum’s DeLong House encourage visitors to explore everyday life in the Glens Falls area over time – not just in the distant past, but in recent memory, too. Each room focuses on a different aspect of life — school, music, home and “unusual things” — the weird and curious items that make life interesting.


School Days — We may share many memories of our school days, but our experiences are uniquely shaped by the schools we attended, memorable teachers and historical events.

Home Style – The ways we decorate our homes – the things that we choose to surround us – say much about what has mattered to us over time.  What defines our style?

Music Memories – Music has been an important part of everyday life, whether played on instruments or experienced at a concert, on the radio or a personal listening device.

Weird & Curious – As we experience everyday life we encounter fascinating things that become part of the fabric of family stories and legends and a community’s unique character.

The story of Hometown Life is far from complete, particularly for the decades after World War II. Visitors are invited to add their own experiences; share memories and family photos, too.