Hometown Teams

February 3, 2024 - May 19, 2024

The crack of a baseball bat, the buzzer as the puck hits the back of the net, and the roaring cheer from the crowd – people come together for the love of the game. A phrase we hear time and time again. People enjoy sporting events for a number of reasons. From the bets they have placed, the passion passed down from family members, and the connection we build with others through shared enjoyment, it is hard to pinpoint what we enjoy most. But connection is what encompasses most of our love. We connect to our favorite teams, other fans of those teams, and players on those teams and we hope – with fingers crossed, and game day rituals completed – that our support helps push them to victory.

For generations, local teams have provided athletic opportunities beyond primary and secondary school, college, or professional sports. In the southern Adirondacks, many individuals from this region have gone on to find great success on semi-professional or professional teams across the country, but where did they get their start? Games have been played in Crandall Park, on Glen Lake, or at Derby Park and players have ranged from high school stars to local blue-collar workers playing for their company team.

Whether your favorite sport is football, baseball, or hockey – this region has supported a number of hometown teams along with semi-professional counterparts.


This exhibition is made possible by funds provided by the Waldo T. Ross & Ruth S. Ross Charitable Trust.